The Best Pillow In 2023: For All Sleepers.

You deserve to rest your head on a pillow that will relax, calm and drift you away to dream land after a tiresome, stressful day. With the best pillow in 2023 thorough discussed below you’ll sleep in a comfort and relaxed way like when you’re covered in a weighted blanket. Though emphasis on having a good night’s sleep is put on getting the right mattress, also choosing the right pillow is important for your sleep routine.

Factors to consider when choosing a pillow: are you a back, side, or a stomach sleeper? Do you get cold or hot when sleeping? With all those factors put into consideration you may just want a comfortable pillow. With so many types of pillows like the gel pillow, contour pillow, body pillow, support pillow, latex pillow, foam pillow, water pillow you many just fancy a pillow to help with neck pain. With so many pillow options, finding that right pillow as per your preferences will help you have a good night’s sleep.

We’ve put together this list of best bed pillows on the market right now putting in consideration their support, comfort, cleaning, new out performing models and the best performers from the past.

The Best Pillow In 2023

1 . Coop Home Goods Adjustable Pillow

The Coop’s premium adjustable pillow is customizable and lets you create your own fill.  Its fill is composed of shredded microfiber and memory foam pillow, which enables the user to remove, add fill to the pillow body basing on their sleeping needs. The side sleeper can add more fill for a raised efffect, the back and stomach sleeper can remove some fill for a low effect. You can adjust the fill until you reach your desired alignment.

The pillow’s bamboo cover is machine washable and can be used as normal pillow case. Also with its 100 day return policy you can try out and see if it performs to your liking. You can also consider having a weighted blanket for that extra comfort during your night routine.

Key Features

2 . The Nectar Memory Foam Pillow

The Nectar memory foam pillow is a pillow in pillow, with a sturdy memory foam inner pillow (for shape and structure) and an outer pillow that can be adjustable and customized. The quilted outer foam with Tencel cooling fabric helps to keep you cool through out the night, this fabric can also be spot cleaned and air dried.

The pillow conforms to the head, neck and shoulders for comfort and support. The pillow also comes overly filled so you can choose whether to have a firm pillow or remove some stuffing for a lower softer pillow.

Key Features

3 . The Purple Pillow

The purple pillow is so much different from the others, instead of microfiber shreds, memory foam, its made of a polymer grid which conforms to the various sleeping positions especially the neck. The temperature regulating grid evaporates the body heat keeping the head cool.

The grid is heavy, flat, squishy, supports the head, neck and shoulder from pressure points, its more of a firm pillow so if you’re into soft a pillow that you can mold and shape, then this is not for you.

The pillow can be made adjustable by inserting purple pillow boosters according to your preferred height. The pillow cover is machine washable though the polymer grid is hand washable and air dried.

Key Features

4 . Brooklinen Mid-Plush Down Alternative Pillow

The Brooklinen mid plush down alternative pillow made of shaved microfibers poses a balance between soft and support, its firmness is more recommended for the side sleepers. This pillow is allergen free and comes in many densities according to sleeping needs.

With longest trial period of a whooping 365 days, you have the time to make a choice or even if your at fence of wanting to try the firm pillow you can use this trial to either get in or out. 

For cleaning, spot cleaning and dry cleaning are recommended.

Key Features

5 . Snowe Down Alternative Pillow

The Snowe down alternative pillow is hypoallergenic, comes in three density types: soft, medium and firm with a sateen cover. When in doubt on what density you’d go for always try firmer, the Snowe’s site recommends the medium pillow for the back sleeper, the soft pillow for the stomach sleeper and the firm pillow for the side sleeper.

You can hand or machine wash this pillow. Though lots of reviews are in their favor, some noted that the firm was not firm enough: “Pretty good, but very squishy. Even the firm is not firm enough.” Another one also goes “Generally happy with this pillow; I like a very firm pillow and I must say this is not as firm as I like.”

Key Features

How To Choose A Pillow For Sleeping

Know the materials Used.  Memory foam pillows are thick and firm while the memory form shreds or clusters are more soft and plush while offering the foam support. Hybrid pillows are a mix of fiberfill and memory foam clusters to get the best of both worlds. Down pillows are the fluffiest, down alternative pillows are made of synthetic fill and feel soft with good support.

Take a look at innovative features. some pillows have innovative features like adjustability and customization where you can add or remove fill according to your preferences. The cooling properties come in handy for those that tend to overheat while sleeping.

Consider care instructions. Go for a pillow after conforming to its cleaning recommendation. Though most of them are machine washable, some have front loading machine restrictions, some are dry clean, others only allow spot cleaning. Use a pillow protector to avoid regular pillow washing and wash it two to four times a year so that it lasts longer.

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